On the 30th January 2004, Pallet-Track went operationally live with 46 members. In the first night of operation the network transacted 852 pallets through our then Wednesbury Hub.


Representatives from the press were invited to view our inaugural operation in what was, and still is, a record volume of freight for a first night of operation.

Since our formative days we have been able to strategically plan the growth of the company through investment in people, information technology, operational machinery and most notably, in our recently acquired central facility.

Our membership enjoys a fully structured service, second to none in our industry. Our constant monitoring of our control processes enable us to cater for the increasing demand for pallet shipping which has lead to a five-fold increase in freight volume in as many years.

On the 6th October 2008 Pallet-Track relocated to a new 267,000 sq. ft. Central Hub in Wolverhampton where it now transacts an average of 12,000 pallets per night through an 83-strong shareholder membership. The company is now well positioned to continue the excellent growth achieved to date.

At Pallet-Track, we believe that the service provided by us and our network members is second to none. That’s why we’ve transported over five million pallets in six years without loosing a single one. But quality isn’t only about numbers. We strongly believe that our people make a difference – helpful, reliable and dependable. After all, that’s what keeps a network running smoothly and efficiently. 

E&R Freight are proud to be a share holder member of the UK-wide Pallet Track distribution network.